BETTR++ is a development and consulting company. We concern ourselves with the research, the development, the planning and realization and in addition the operating of infrastructures in the areas of living, working and mobility in Switzerland and beyond.

BETTR++ is operationally subdivided into different performance units, which remain autonomous or cooperate closely with BETTR consulting depending on the contents alignment or the kind of collaboration requested. Our consultancy regards itself as the leading part of the entire activities and furthermore as the companies administrative core.

3.8 billion years edge through advanced technology

At BETTR research we have a determined definition of a unique role model: nature. Nowadays, on the basis of bionic information we are able to find solutions which our ancestors did not even dare to dream of.

Massive increased computational power, a serious maturity level of 3D printing processes and especially the creative implementation of biological algorithms on assignments of real estate constructions and operations enables us the access to an asset development with reliable cost structures.

Research Services

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  • Market testing
  • Expert opinion
  • Design studies
  • Feasibility reports

Daniel Knapp

Daniel manages the research activities of BETTR and takes special care of the fact that companies and stakeholders get to know and notably use the most important trend of our time: the digitalisation of everything.

The Future of Work & The Biomimetic Office

How will an office look like in 2020, when it is perfectly adjusted to the current structures and requirements of a digital economy and society? This and other concepts are addressed in Daniel Knapp’s white paper, "The future of work and the biomimetic office”.

Cradle2Cradle Building

Together with our partner EPEA Switzerland we are exploring the possibility to develop a building type that is entirely oriented to preserve its added value. In other words: it will be completely recyclable and furthermore a wonderful foundation for a new product.

European Biomimicry Network

In line with the current paradigm shift of the entire real estate business towards biomimicry, we are particularly interested in establishing an international network of experts to share knowledge and co-operate in all kinds of projects. As a result, it is of major importance to us to achieve a personal high-quality exchange in terms of open innovation - while marketing simply represents more of a by-product.


In co-operation with the University of Zurich we support masters students at the department of banking and finance in themes like project development and corporate responsibility, i. a. with sponsored annual lectures and several individual fundings.

Personal responsibility makes a significant difference.

Dealing with your request implies a full service handling: personal, precisely and on time.

In doing so, we rely on our long-lasting experience in planning, developing and managing real estate issues, in addition to our extensive network of specialists which we constantly cultivate and expand.

Consulting Services

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  • Management
  • Strategic advisory/ Strategy
  • Finance
  • Professional networking

Dr. Ralf Bellm

Dr. Ralf Bellm has held senior positions at the HOCHTIEF Group for more than eighteen years, including the past 10 years as Chairman of the Board of Directors of HOCHTIEF Development Schweiz AG. Due a series of major challenges from demographics to climate change to resource limitation he is convinced that times never have been more exciting than today. Ever since Ralf Bellm attaches great importance to what one calls "lateral thinking" today. Where others might say "we have done that like this forever" he feels discomfort. The trained architect, geologist and economist naturally perceives the world through a multidisciplinary perspective. In grabbing innovation by its horns he sees the key to new market potential and a bett(e)r world along the way.

Thomas Terhorst

Thomas Terhorst previously acted as managing director of HOCHTIEF Facility Management Switzerland and is used to the fact that his projects never let go of him, even in his dreams they haunt him. Simply because it his personal mission to satisfy his clients with great results during each collaboration.

Quartier development

In the greater Zurich region we are leading a team with a special task: guiding a former industrial area into a vivid, resilient and sustainable multipurpose surrounding. It should be noted that in regard to the close integration to the inner city context of that area mentioned, a high level of difficulty as well as an extremely sensitive handling is of major importance during this behalf.

Location assessment

Especially modified for a healthcare sector customer we are currently sounding innovative hospital concepts, efficiently accompanied by international partners, in northwest Switzerland.

Life cycle cost optimization

Although it has become a customary “buzzword” we are dealing with this inescapable challenge since a couple of years, focussing on its financial, economical and organizational aspects. Of course it is not only important to critically consider each historic asset, regarding to its costs, but also implementing the overall costing of new buildings with a life cycle optimization.

Projects that are still lucrative in 2030

“We´ve always done it that way!” is leading the ranking list of our most-hated phrases. Usually it is accompanied by the attitude that, despite of certification, inefficiency, counter-productivity and a massive waste of resources is considered to be quite normal, which is neither commercially nor financially reasonable.
That´s why we develop projects for investors and partners who are able and willing to act sustainable.

Development Services

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  • Real estate (residential)
  • Real estate (office)
  • Real estate (mobility)
  • Prototyping
  • Digital Services

Dr. Ralf Bellm

Dr. Ralf Bellm is by nature an "opportunity maker". Does not go is not. He prefers big challenges and highly innovative tasks and projects. Where others see obstacles, he sees opportunities - and uses them. Our stakeholders can count on BETTR DEVELOPMENTS to deliver what they promise: above-average performance with hard measurement.

Project BOB

Due to its profound history our attention is focused particularly on our project biomimetic office building (BOB). Currently we are developing BOB according to design- and feasibility studies and on behalf of a syndicate of investors that is interested in increasing the productivity of cost-intensive staff members significantly. The movie described above provides a good impression of BOB and all of its benefits.

X-team but X-men

Our board is curated selectively according to the ideas about innovation management by Prof. Deborah Ancona, Seley Distinguished Professor of Management, Professor of Organization Studies und Director at MIT Leadership Center in Boston, USA.

Due to the wide span of topics, very different experience horizons and an open-minded as well as respectful-critical collaboration the board continuously delivers benefits for BETTR AG by creative resistance and wise council.

Dr. Reto Schneider

Dr. Reto Schneider was Head of Emerging Risk Management and joined Swiss Re in 1994. He worked for two years as an underwriter for non-proportional contract business in the US and UK markets. He then joined Risk Engineering and, for more than 10 years, headed the Risk Assessment Division. With his team, he has developed numerous risk assessment methods to compare large companies in the pharmaceutical, chemical and oil industries. A further focus was on the area of hospital risk management and patient safety. In 2009, he became Head Emerging Risk Management. In this function, he was responsible for the identification of new risks at the corporate level and ensured the transfer of knowledge to the insurance business of all sectors. He originally studied biology and at the ETH Zurich in the immunology field.

Andrea Jessen

Andrea Jessen is an investment manager, graduate expert (DIA), real estate economist (ebs) and business coach with over 20 years professional experience in consulting and development. The aim of her work is that people (investors and users) identify themselves with the property they own, use, inhabit or deem as a value investment. Aspects such as sustainability, appreciation of resources and meaning-setting are important principles for successful real estate investment and use. As a mother of an adult daughter, she knows the tasks and requirements of the established society to shape the future mindful and innovative. Consciousness change with the goal to a conscious YES to the next generation.

Christopher P. Peterka

Christopher Patrick Peterka is a futurist and an entrepeneur. As managing partner of the gannaca think tank group, he coaches organisations on questions relating to the topics of innovation culture. His particular interest is dedicated to the new rules in the economy and society of the Digital Modern era. Christopher Peterka inspires, surprises and challenges. Without any consideration for proportions and status, he reveals the tectonic shifts between ‘old and new world’, bringing up new perspectives on phenomenons that have already arrived in everybody’s life a while ago. Or have you never wondered about Facebook? His presentations scratch at the limits of the imaginable and feasible, without losing touch with daily life. Because at the end of the day what he really wants is giving his audience a broadband connection to the Zeitgeist in order to support a truly sustainable economy of communities.

Beate Jahoda

Beate Jahoda is a Strategic Brand Consultant. She holds a Master of Business Administration (University of Applied Sciences), a European MBA and is founder and CEO of brandworkers agency with over 20 years of experience in communications and brand management. Her goal is to ensure that the management and staff members identify themselves with the corporate brand. They shall consider themselves acting like" brand ambassadors“. To her aspects of common appreciation, sustainability and „leadership by making senses“ are key principles for a successful corporate and brand management.

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